The countdown to leaving now reads approximately 7 months. Whether or not i will go depends wholly on my applications which are still not done. Yes my deadline is 20 days away. No i don’t have everything ready.

I would be a lot more efficient with a routine and more importantly if i could follow a routine but i really just don’t have the will to. Shit excuse i know.

I can’t imagine being half a world away from my family and friends. My brother is the closest person in my life. My family goes on vacation twice a year, nothing fancy, usually lasting only two days but its the nicest thing. Would that still happen, just without me around? I have two best friends, would they find other best friends in their new universities? Will I find new ones? I don’t want new friends to ever be as close as as my primary best friend now, way too much vulnerability. I wanna be the teachers pet, stays at home all day nerd. Sounds perfect for me.


Out of context here but aren’t Dan and Phil absolutely amazing?

Apt song for this post i suppose. Art from here.


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