I’m going to my best friend’s mother’s brother’s wedding tomorrow. Super excited, haven’t done anything fun in a while. Don’t know what to wear yet. His mom literally threatened me with never letting me into her house if i don’t show up. She is such a sweetheart honestly.

I’m gonna miss him so much when I’m gone, if i get accepted somewhere that is. We were always in the same school,just never talked until a couple of years ago. Got close pretty fast. His family likes me. Can’t get better. Except he messed up his SATs. Which mean he is not going to college with me next year. I mean I wasn’t expecting to study in the same institution but being halfway across the world was not something i was prepared for until his results were published a couple of weeks back. He is not the only person I am leaving behind, or the most important but he is the most unexpected. He is a better student than me for fuck’s sake.

This is the most boring blog post. But hey, the point was to write everyday and as long as that is being done it is okay. I think. Why do i have followers? Why are you following my random thoughts?

So I have a friend, much older than me, who is at present a pretty successful businessman by day, drunken roamer of the streets by night. Finding this equal parts pathetic and concerning yet oddly amusing. I have a strange liking for people who are far from the norm. High functioning depressives definitely are an interesting bunch. All in all a nice guy, just at a horrible mental state. He should start keeping a journal to be honest, might help.

The family isn’t going anywhere this winter. I’m kinda glad, I am not in the mood for a out of town vacation. The more time I can spend with my friends and family doing normal stuff, the better. Will be going to my family’s little garden house in making thingie for one day though. Here is a picture of the cute bungalow we stayed in last winter.


This cover is so amazing honestly.


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