The wedding reception was lit. I looked pretty bomb if i do say so myself. I was the only girl among his friends that showed up, along with five guys. It wasn’t awkward at all, considering I have known these guys since forever but I’m pretty sure everyone in his extended family thinks we are dating. Pros of hanging out will all guys: it is never boring. Cons of hanging out with all guys: i have literally only four pictures. Praying they are good.

I still have college specific essays and my CSS profile left. Need to send the SAT and IELTS results as well. But guess what i did today? Sleep for 16 hours. Well I woke up 14 hours into the session to eat lunch.

My sleep paralysis is back. I’m too used to it to be scared anymore, it is just annoying now. Happened like five times today. Once I actually couldn’t breathe because my blanket was on my mouth and nose, sort of blocking the path. I couldn’t move and did not have enough air to blow it away. I was pretty calm throughout. Tried to move, moved when i succeeded. Maybe it was a dream. Was it? I don’t know.

Everyone should see this.
I am a full on Twenty One Pilots fanatic but this cover. Oh my god??



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