I am so fucking lonely.

Neither of my best friends are applying. My boyfriend had no plans to. Just generally in a place educationally that no one close to me is. And that sucks because i have had the same school friends my entire life helping each other through the ups and downs of the education system we are all a victim of. And it is weird. Some people are taking gap years, some are trying for local public universities, others local private universities. Then there are a few trying to go abroad.

My best friend just realised he is depressed. All i have to say about that is: fucking took you a while. He is the biggest denier of sadness ever. He always seems to be cool with everything that is going on but i guess it finally hit breaking point. I don’t know how to help him, considering my own mental health is all sorts of fucked up..

I am done with 6 out of the 14 essays I have to write for applications. I think I will watch another Harry Potter movie. Done till Order of the Phoenix. It is a very wintry movie to watch to be honest.

I have a headache. Will be going out of Dhaka tomorrow, or in 6 hours. I am way too busy to be travelling, but yeah. Such is life. It is a farm sort of thing my parents are very proud of creating so I’m just going for them.

Here’s a song.
Art by this dude.


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