I miss having people who can relate to the problems i have.

I wonder how true this will be for me. I mean I only have two people from school i wish would stay in contact. Doesn’t seem like asking for much does it?

There is this dilemma I always have. On one hand i believe in being utterly honest, I believe in showering the people you love with compliments and wearing your heart on your sleeve because you never know when you can’t do it again. It doesn’t matter if it is reciprocated as not everyone shows love the same way. I will double/triple text without shame, I will tell you I love you, I will send you heart emoji’s and cute posts. But at the same time, for how long? I mean, where does this end? Where does their lack of enthusiasm start affecting how much I show what they mean to me? I swear I am less affectionate than I would like to be. I am nice as hell to people who I am not really close to because, y’know, spread love and all that. But it reaches a point where it just gets tiring because you give and you give and you give but then when you are hopeless and stressed and inches from giving up the only ingenious response they can come up with is “you are depressing”. I still love said asshole though.





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