So people who come over to my blog don’t read fanfics. Or I’m just bad at fanfics, that could be it. Either ways, I shouldn’t have time to write fanfics now. Because i have so much going on, I’m basically doing nothing most of the time. Cuz I can’t figure out what the right thing to do would be, I do nothing. Which is the stupidest logic ever because I NEED TO DO THINGS.

UPenn essay deadline tomorrow.
FinAid essays deadlines are in Feb so i will worry about that after the 21st.
SAT2 on the 21st and I legit know nothing, so much of the syllabus is untouched.
Oh fuck right dad wants me to apply to Asian Women’s Uni, deadline of which is in Jan 15.
Econ mock tomorrow lmao.

I also need to start doing A2 classes soon, since my pre-cambridge exams are in March at some point.

But do you know what I do instead??

There are more on my instagram.
So yeah. I am the queen of procrastination tbh.

But also, I am pretty sick right now. Which is not an excuse but if does affect my productivity. Can’t work with an itchyass throat and basically painful face now, can I?



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