Sorry I have been MIA for a while. With SAT2 at hand, wattpad was all i could focus on. Exam went well I think. We’ll see.

I haven’t selfloathed this hard in the past three years. Details are unimportant, as the feelings have marginally subsided and wouldn’t wanna do anything to trigger it.
Gained like 7 lbs, not the nicest feeling.

My best friend is amazing by the way.

Other best friend and her new guy is going well. Finally, FINALLY, I like the guy she is with.

So I’ve been wondering why the women’s march didn’t happen before Nov 8th, when all the polls were showing he might win. Was all the shit he said before he was elected not enough to trigger this? Also how come no one was attacked by the police when marching against their president, but so many were when protesting for clean water? Things about US i don’t understand.

Y’all know the art.


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