Twenty Two.

What I should be doing: studying
What I am doing: looking up studying related articles on pinterest.

Am I dumb?

On other news, boyfriend and I are over. We are gonna remain friends though. I can’t believe my ex is one of my best friends this entire thing is so weird.

I am trying to get some Physics done. It is so hard to focus. I know I should be studying instead of whining. Exams are in 60 days, approximately.

I think this is my official break up song. Just because of how much I have been listening to it. It is weird okay? I don’t feel particularly sad. Probably because I haven’t lost a person from my life, just changed labels. Don’t particularly want to lose him. This is so abnormal.

I’ve been asking people what they would do if they weren’t students. More like, what job would you do if you were guaranteed financial security? Since people read my stuff sometimes (why though?), respond in the comments what you are studying/doing right now and what you would like to.




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