Twenty Seven.

I’ve been wishing more people would talk about there rejections and since I can force people to, I’m just gonna do it myself.

8 university rejections, and counting.

I’d like to think I am a decent student. 7 A*s and 3As in o’levels and 2As and 2Bs in AS levels. 1410 SATs, 700 and 740 in SAT subject tests. I have a few ECAs and an internship under my belt. I’m an okay writer so my essays couldn’t have been horrible.

I don’t think I’m a perfect candidate or anything but I’d just really fucking like to know where I went wrong. Just, anything more than a “sorry we don’t want you” would really really bloody help.

The university I liked the most rejected me a couple of nights ago. Today I found out a classmate of mine got in with an annual 63k scholarship. And that makes no sense to me because we have very similar credentials. She has better AS scores and I have more ECAs, so I guess I would understand her getting more scholarship but how am I so much worse than her that I got flat out rejected.

Don’t get me wrong I am genuinely happy for her. I’m happy for everyone who would get to go to their preferred universities. Just wish I was one of them.

Got two acceptances but not nearly enough scholarship. I’m fucking poor and out of state tuitions are insane.

Am probably staying here then. Don’t have a back up plan. Did not even consider public universities until now. Being a minority here sucks, not looking forward to four more years of that.

Sorry if this was too angry or depressing I needed to get this shit out.



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