Twenty Eight.

My desire to go abroad has greatly diminished. First of, US is kinda shit at the moment.  Secondly, A levels is kicking my ass anyways. Honestly, applying  this year was a mistake. I genuinely thought I could do both but I am very behind on my A2 preparation. The exams are 6 days away, will obviously do all in my power to ace it. But things aren’t looking good. I’m not used to being a crap student, don’t really know how to deal with this. Coping.

It was my best friend’s birthday today. Gave him a card yesterday and told him to open it after 12am. He loved it. His “homies” went over at midnight with cake. Wish I could, but unfortunately my vagina prevents me from doing so. He had a good day, which makes me so happy. He’s such a sweetheart honestly and deserves to be happy.

Dan and Phil moved to a new house. Which also makes me pretty happy, especially knowing how shit their old one was.

My ex boyfriend isn’t at a good place at all and honestly am blaming myself so much. Except I don’t know what I could’ve done differently. Aside not dating him at all. I’ve always said I wasn’t made for commitments and too crap of a person to pull of being responsible for someone’s happiness. Why did I not stick to that..

Did I tell you guys about me giving a speech on our farewell day? Yeah that happened. It was apparently pretty great. Was stretched for time, the guy before me spoke a fuck ton and I had to hurry the ending. Which ruined some of the sentimental parts but overall am happy with it. I also performed a few dance routines with some friends. That was amazing. Super happy with how that went.

I really love dancing in front of a crowd. Should do that more often. Maybe graduation. Let’s see if I can convince my dance friends.

I’m doing an art project where I try to come up with a cookout scheme that fits all the songs in Twenty øne pilot’s album Blurryface. And then chose my favorite line from each song, which was more difficult than expected. Cuz a lot of the songs have religious messages and I am an atheist. No straight up anti religion to be absolutely honest. Anyways, I’m fine with Tyler being religious, I mean my favorite song is Save from No Phun Intended. But trying to find a favorite line from Polarize was an ordeal.

Might link the artwork once I’m done with it. Though that will be on my personal instagram so, dunno how good of an idea that is.

Bought some lipstick, was desperate for some “treat yoself”.

So much to study, so little time, even less motivation.

Y’all need to listen to this medley


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