Twenty Nine.

I wish I could draw more. I fucking miss drawing so much. Except I don’t have time to miss drawing to I? Who’s gonna study for alevels then?

Maths is disgusting, A2 math specifically. Eugh.

My exams are in exactly 5 days. And I am still somehow slacking. Why am I like this? I was supposed to finish a math paper and I don’t even know what I did all night. I painted my nails. Bought a matte top coat today. Obsessed. My nails are a matte black now and I have never felt more goth.

Exams start off with physics. Which I’m bad at. Then math, also something I am bad at. Then English and economics, which I think I’ll do fine in.

The thing is though, I am not used to being a bad student. I mean, I’m not used to not having the syllabi done and papers solved a week before the exam with only revision left for the night before. Now I actually need to work in between the exams, which I have a tone of time for cuz it’s eight papers spread over an entire month, so I have my breaks. I really hope I utilize them. I really have no other choice but I seem to be procrastinating enough for it to classify as self sabotage.

Talked with my ex about our relationship yesterday. We are still close af as I already said, so it wasn’t awkward. Just very sad. And makes me feel guilty as fuck because what kinda sicko makes extravagant promises and assurances and then just falls out of love right? So yeah, not good for me but also very deserving.

Also new hair cut.


This I like.

The new Fall Out Boy song? I don’t like.


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