Thirty One.

So recently I got into a disagreement with my best friend. The details of the fight are irrelevant but it made me question certain things. First of all, he called me arrogant. I have never been called that before so I legitimately was taken aback. Not offended, just very criticism as to how much truth was to the statement. I definitely never considered myself arrogant. Maybe some her four years ago during my mean girl phase but definitely not recently. So was I arrogant about my views?  I’d like to think I’m open minded and all liberal but if that means I am as willing to force my views on someone, correct or otherwise, as an extremist, doesn’t that make me similar to them? I still think I was right on what I said, just was the way I was trying to get my point across forceful and arrogant?

Then comes the actual cause of the argument. It was about our views on a certain person who did something bad. Now bad can be for two reasons, the person might just be stupid or genuinely straight up evil. And while it’s easy to call someone bad, if you are someone who wants to improve the world, you’d need to figure out whether the person you wish to “improve” (for lack of a better word) is stupid or evil. The first can be fixed by teaching the person what’s right and wrong, trying to talk to the person in a calm mind would help. The second just begs for punishment.

How do you separate the two? The line between them do often blur. What then? As a pacifist you’d think I’d try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I don’t. Should I? Do I take things to rashly and am I quicl to label things black when the world really is full of only varying shades of grey?

10hours to my first A levels exam and this is what is going on through my mind.

On other news, the new Fall Out Boy song is actually great I’m so sorry I disliked it.



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