Thirty two.

Summer is a couple of weeks away. The thrill of the prospects is distracting my already quite feeble focus. The two subjects left are those I actually have a decent possibility of scoring As in. Would be a shame if I fucked it up.

Start of summer marks the end of my life in this school. For some it has already began. scjool ending means it is time to figure out where to go to college. You already know my applications abroad have backfired. However, a university in my country but far from home has offered me a place with a decent scholarship. So I might be going there. If I do, the best part would be that I wouldn’t need to do anything this summer. I mean I have a list of summerry things planned but I wouldn’t have to start doing classes for public university entrance exams. That is a huge hassle, trust me on that. My cousin already started classes and he is miserable.

About the summery things. I’d like to draw something everyday. Which means I could put up an art imstagram account, finally. I want to finish reading To Kill A Mocking Bird. Maybe even Anna Karenina. Gotta finish my fan fiction. And start the ones still in my head.I want to be more regular with my bullet journaling. Don’t really want to do an internship, to be entirely honest. Will hang out with my friends as much as I can, and this includes my brother.

I’m looking forward to prom. I want to go with my best friend but I also don’t want to ask him. I’m a weird human I know. He’all be with me the whole time anyways. I want to wear a long gown, wore a short dress the last time. And maybe tone down the makeup and add fake lashes.

Suburbia is a good song.


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