Thirty three.

I have a new phone now so I should be writing more often. Sorry about the hiatus.

I’m reading a book. It’s called The Happiness Project. It is a beautiful account of the writer trying to maximize her own happiness, resulting in an improvement in the lives of all around her.

I’m overall happier since A levels have ended. So so much happier. Even the smallest of things give me more joy. The book says somewhere that happy people notice things that give happiness more. The happy people in turn become happier. That’s the state of mind I’m in right now. It’s insane how happy I am. My friends are great, I am reading again, I have bought the first three Harry Potter books, I bought some glitter washi tape, and had the juiciest fucking mango today. I’m also going to a corner of our country for university, which means I’m nearby and can see my brother more. 

Something I can’t help feel though is guilt whenever I see my friends who aren’t ass irrationally happy as I am. It’s not that I don’t deserve it, I do genuinely think I do considering the last two years have been hell, but because I can’t help. And I have all this joy I can’t just donate like that. Though my best friend has mentioned how happy it makes him watching me this happy, I’d like to help some of his problems you know. I will, I know that cuz that’s what best friends are for, but I don’t know how to. In the mean time I’ll try not to be invasive and shove happiness down his throat.

I want to start taking blogging a bit more seriously. I also want to open an art account in instagram. But I haven’t been drawing much lately, so that’d be a waste. Need to find that creative inspiration first. Also need to get into my fanfic.

Halsey’s entire album is fucking amazing but here is a performance of Walls Could Talk

Art from here I think.


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